Highest quality LED solutions

Architape’s mission is to supply the highest quality linear LED solutions for architectural and decorative lighting applications.

We care about our customers’ success. Therefore, we focus on precision manufacturing and maintaining the efficiency of our products to guarantee a 5-year warranty.

Moreover, we provide product quality consultations, custom luminaires built to your specifications, and product recommendations that meet your client’s needs.

  • Highest quality flexible LED tapes using Nichia LEDs, available in a range of white colour temperatures from 2000K up to 6500K, CRI from 80+ up to 95+
  • A wide range of tuneable white and RGBW colour controllable LED tapes
  • Surface mount, corner profile, recessed, and pendant profiles to meet any design needs
  • IP67-rated tapes and custom built Opaline luminaires for outdoor applications.

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Opaline luminaires

Architape Pro LED tapes

Profiles and fittings

Architape in action

Our high-quality LED lighting solutions enable a wide variety of stunning lighting solutions. Check out these projects to see how our products can be used and get inspired for your next lighting project.

Porsche Centre, Mayfair

Pareidolia Lighting Installation